Nanjing Flagship Center Staff

Ms. Zhang Qin

Ms. Zhang is a senior staff member at the Nanjing University Institute of International Studies and the long-time director of the Chinese Overseas Flagship Program in Nanjing.


Ms. Doris Xu
Internship Coordinator

Ms. Xu graduated from the George Washington University with a double major in International Affairs and Asian Studies. She lived in mainland China and Taiwan for 13 years before moving to New York with her family at age 15. In addition to her studies at the George Washington University, Doris also studied abroad at Waseda University in Japan and at King's College London in the U.K. She is deeply interested in U.S.-China policy and building bridges between the two countries through people-to-people exchanges.

As the internship coordinator in Nanjing, Doris counsels 50+ students per year on their internship objectives, network building in China, and visa conversion. She is responsible for soliciting and maintaining internship provider data for over 80 companies, as well as developing and conductnig internship policy briefings, meetings, individual interviews, alumni roundtables, internship recruitment fairs, resume preparation workshops, and Chinese business culture discussions.

Doris is fluent in written and spoken Chinese.