Curriculum: A New Model for Undergraduate Study of Chinese

Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Hunter College, Indiana University, San Francisco State University, University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota, University of Mississippi, University of North Georgia, University of Oregon, University of Rhode Island, and Western Kentucky University provide a full four/five-year undergraduate program sequence. Students are encouraged to undertake their language study in conjunction with another field of concentration, even as they continue the intensive study of Chinese throughout their undergraduate careers.

One of the advantages of this model is that students can enter the programs at virtually any level of proficiency. For example, freshmen with no previous knowledge of Chinese can enter the program by taking first-year intensive Chinese. During the course of the intensive first-year sequence, entering students learn more about the Chinese Flagship Program, its goals, benefits, and obligations. Students typically complete a four-year Flagship study plan, which must be approved by the Flagship Director and becomes a part of each student’s departmental record.

Depending on the program, Flagship students enroll concurrently in a dedicated course during each semester designed to enrich their studies. Flagship students complete their overseas capstone year in either Nanjing, China or Taipei, Taiwan, during which they combine high-level work in Chinese with subject-area work in their area of specialization at Nanjing University or National Taiwan University and in an internship with a local Nanjing or Taipei organization.