The Chinese Overseas Flagship program is comprised of two semesters: the first of direct enrollment studies at Nanjing University and the second of a full-time internship with a local Chinese organization or company. The internship semester of the Chinese Overseas Flagship program is designed to enhance each participant’s language ability and to develop professional experience in his/her field of interest. Participants work closely with the Chinese Flagship Program internship staff in Nanjing to find and secure a substantive internship with a company, organization, or institution. The internship staff are available to support and guide participants as needed; however, as emerging global professionals, Chinese Flagship participants are expected to take the initiative in their internship searches. Participants are expected to conduct their internships in a Chinese-based setting using advanced language skills.

    Participants are expected to:

    1. Communicate frequently with the internship staff about issues regarding internship work and daily life concerns. Participants must respond to all messages from program staff, be reachable at all times during the program, and submit weekly check-ins and biweekly Language Utilization Reports (LURs) on time.
    2. Be professional representatives of both their domestic institution and the Chinese Flagship program (i.e. be punctual, maintain a positive attitude, be open-minded, etc.)
    3. Maintain cultural awareness and appropriate conduct when working with their internship provider.
    4. Adhere to all local laws and program policies.
    5. Be committed to an internship for the duration of at least 80 work-days (aproximately four months).