Student Financial Support: Overseas Program

Financial Support for Undergraduate Students

The Language Flagship provides support for students enrolled in Domestic Flagship institutions to participate in the overseas Flagship programs through the Domestic Flagship institutions. Interested students should contact the Domestic Flagship program where they are enrolled for additional information.

Other Funding Resources

Domestic Flagship applicants to the overseas Flagship program are encouraged to consider the following funding sources:

Some of the best sources of funding for American Councils programs can be found at your home institution. Universities, colleges, and state and federal governments make funding for study abroad available to students through college or university financial aid or international programs offices. Be sure to consult with the financial aid counselors in these offices well in advance of the time you wish to participate in our program. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements and deadlines of your home institution regarding all financial aid funds. Since institutions differ in this respect, only your financial aid office can tell you what types of aid they permit you to use for our program, and what you must do to transfer your aid.