Chinese Development Course

During the internship semester, students attend the Chinese Development Course (CDC). The course consists of 32 one-to-one tutoring sessions with Nanjing University teaching staff covering topics such as appropriate small talk for the Chinese workplace, how to draft professional emails and business correspondence, and how to conduct market research in Chinese, among other topics. The tutoring sessions are held primarily over Skype or WeChat. This course is mandatory for all students and requires students to prepare assigned topics in advance.

Students are asked to contact their CDC instructors before the end of the first semester to schedule the first two sessions and exchange Skype/cell phone contact information. Class sessions must be scheduled outside of internship work hours and students are reminded to be flexible, as each CDC instructor is coordinating tutoring sessions with multiple students. Sessions will be recorded and reviewed by the internship staff to track each student's language improvement. If a student misses a session or arrives late without notifying the teacher 24 hours in advance, the overall CDC grade may be lowered.