Overseas Curriculum

The Chinese Overseas Flagship curriculum includes the following formal components: 

  • Dedicated language courses for Flagship students (language optimization, hot-topic discussion, Chinese history and culture, advanced composition, advanced media, intercultural communication)
  • Direct enrollment course(s) in a student’s major at Nanjing University
  • Internship with local Chinese organization in one of four approved cities: Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen
  • Individual language instruction with tutors
  • Biweekly excursions

The weekly structure between the first and second semesters of the Overseas Flagship program differs greatly. During the first semester of the program, students are placed into small classes (ranging from 5-6 students) based on initial proficiency exams. Students attend both Flagship and direct enrollment courses during this semester, while biweekly cultural excursions around Nanjing occur on the weekends. Students also meet with individual tutors at the university for five hours per week, during which they may review homework, look over class material, or work through any academic challenges they may be encountering. 

During the second semester of the program, students intern full-time at a local organization in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen. Students are expected to work 40 hours per week and must submit weekly check-ins and biweekly Language Utilization Reports (LURs). Students are also matched with a Nanjing University instructor prior to the internship semester, with whom they will meet virtually for two hours per week while interning full-time.  

Students will receive support throughout the first semester to aid them in the search for a full-time internship, including introductory workshops to the Chinese professional workplace, help editing resumes and cover letters, internship recruitment fairs, and one-to-one meetings with the internship coordinator to talk about the search process and receive feedback on the student's approach to securing an internship.