Academic Credit

Participants will receive academic credit from Nanjing University for participation in the direct enrollment semester and from Bryn Mawr College for participation in the internship program, unless prior arrangement has been made with the home institution. Bryn Mawr College awards up to 4.0 units of credit per semester (the equivalent of 16 semester hours) for participation in the Nanjing internship semester.

The following lists the Bryn Mawr College course titles and the corresponding classes participants will be taking during the internship semester. Participants will learn more about the academic program at Nanjing University during the pre-departure webinar and during the in-country orientation in Nanjing.

CNSE 318/319 Language and Cross-Cultural Communication in the Chinese Professional Setting, 2.0 BMC Units

CNSE 351 Directed Field Study: Internship, 1.0 BMC Unit

Transcripts and Transferring Credit

Each participant is responsible for arranging credit transfer to his or her home institution. As each college and university has its own regulations regarding credit transfer, the participant should contact his or her home institution to determine how much of this credit may be transferred upon completion of the program. We strongly recommend that this be done before the participant leaves the United States. There is often a delay between the end of the program and the issue of official transcripts by Nanjing University and Bryn Mawr College. If the participant is a graduating senior, this delay can cause aggravating problems if arrangements have not been made in advance.

Internship semester transcripts can be ordered online. If after the internship program the participant would like to request additional transcripts, the participant must order online. Additional transcripts will be provided free of charge. Transcripts will not be released if the participant has financial obligations outstanding. If participants have any questions or concerns about transcripts, please contact the BYU Chinese Flagship Center or American Councils. Do not call the Bryn Mawr Registrar's Office. The Bryn Mawr Registrar’s Office will not be able to assist with inquiries.

Internship Verification Letters

The Nanjing Flagship Center will provide only internship verification letters to support academic credit requests for the internship semester. The participant's eligibility to receive internship credit must be determined by the designated faculty advisor at the home institution.