Reflection by Derek Chuah - Hunter College

Derek Chuah attended the Capstone program in Spring 2018-Fall 2018.

When I was searching for potential internship opportunities while attending classes at Nanjing University, I had no idea what kind of roles I wanted to pursue. As a political science major with an interest in diplomacy, there weren’t many opportunities I could find that were directly in line with my interests. However, through the gracious assistance of everyone at the Flagship office in Nanjing, I was able to find a position which may not have been in my original area of interest but nevertheless gave me a unique and memorable internship experience.

I interned at the Nanjing regional office of Tencent during my time at Capstone. Being the first foreign intern in their office, there was quite a bit of initial uncertainty as to what my duties would be. However, the team that I worked with was very understanding and helped me transition into a role for my specific skill set. As an intern on the content production team, I assisted my coworkers in editing and publishing Chinese articles on the WeChat platform. We would edit and publish several articles a day, after which we would also respond to comments and questions on said articles. The experience of working with Chinese texts everyday, not to mention in a fully-immersive Chinese environment, led to me being able to drastically improve my language abilities in a short period of time.

In addition to the opportunity to expand my Chinese language skills, my internship with Tencent also gave me valuable insight into the daily routine of companies in China. Between attending weekly meetings, office events, and company conferences, I was able to gain a broad understanding of company culture at Tencent and other Chinese businesses. Likewise, my close interaction with my coworkers allowed me to impart a bit of my culture upon them, which resulted in a unique cross-cultural exchange that I could have only gotten from a program like Capstone.