Reflection by Danielle Earley - WKU

Danielle is an alum of the Spring 2019 - Fall 2019 Program:

My internship was at a Tae Kwon Do Company called Xu Gao Tae Kwon Do in Nanjing, China. This job consisted of training and instructing kids from age 4-13 on the art of Tae Kwon Do. Specifically, I would teach these kids kicking and sparring techniques. But most importantly, I would teach these kids important life lessons that would help them be successful as adults. For example, we often talked about self-control and perseverance as we tried to inspire and motivate them to give it their all.

This internship not only improved my Chinese ability drastically, but also taught me important life lessons. For instance, I have definitely become a more patient person as I learned how to correctly confront misbehaving kids. The wisdom I have gained from working with little kids will also improve the way I handle situations in the future in my aspired career as an interpreter. Furthermore, the Chinese cultural knowledge I learned from being integrated into a workplace of only Chinese natives who could speak only Chinese has helped me become a wiser world traveler.

I would definitely say my Capstone Internship experience was wonderful and rewarding in many ways. Not only did I have an unforgettable experience that I believe all language learners should have, but also am indebted to my co-workers and boss for their warm welcome and for passing along the wisdom they have gained in life to me. In summary, because of this internship, I was able to make a positive difference in the lives of cute little Chinese kids just as they have made a positive difference in my life.