Essential Components of a Student's Internship:

  1. Students must intern in a Chinese-speaking professional setting in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen.
  2. Internships may not be provided by government agencies.
  3. Students must be engaged 90% or more of the time using and working with Chinese.
  4. Internship providers must be officially registered in China and willing to provide internship acceptance documentation required by the Public Security Bureau.
  5. Students may not receive compensation, including residential benefits such as a housing stipend.
  6. Teaching English may not be a primary job responsibility.
  7. Students must work full-time (40 hours a week) for a period of at least 80 working days (16 weeks). The minimum 80-day internship requirement consists of sixteen weeks broken down into eight biweekly reporting periods.
  8. Internships must correspond to the participant’s field of interest and abilities but may be subject to certain political or cultural limitations.