FAQ : 

How long is a typical domestic Chinese Flagship program?

The Chinese Flagship program has a duration of four-to-five years of intensive study of Chinese, which includes one year in Nanjing, China or Taipei, Taiwan. However, your entering level will depend on your Chinese proficiency test results and you may be able to complete the Flagship program in a shorter period of time. Your entering level will be determined by the Flagship director at your university based on your initial Chinese proficiency test.

How may I determine my current level of Chinese?

You can self-test your Chinese proficiency using the following links: 



As an undergraduate, do I need to be enrolled in a Flagship-affiliated institution in order to participate in the Chinese Flagship Program?

Yes, domestic programs are currently offered at twelve select universities (Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Hunter College, Indiana University, San Francisco State University, University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota, University of Mississippi, University of North Georgia, University of Oregon, University of Rhode Island, and Western Kentucky University) and Flagship courses are taught by professors employed by these universities. You must enroll at the university of your choice from this list to participate in the Chinese Flagship program. Additionally, you may be required to register differently than regular students. Please contact the Flagship institution of your choice directly to inquire about registration requirements.

When is the application deadline and how may I apply?

Deadlines vary across institutions. To learn the application deadline for the institution of your choice, please contact the university directly.

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

No. However, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you may not be eligible to apply for government financial aid. Additionally, if you are a dual U.S.-Chinese citizen, you are not eligible to participate in the Capstone year abroad in China. Similarly, if you are a dual U.S.-Taiwanese citizen, you are not eligible to participate in the Capstone year abroad in Taiwan.

Do I need to be proficient in Chinese to enter a domestic Chinese Flagship program?

No. Domestic programs accept students who have never studied Chinese, as well as those who have some level of Chinese language ability.

Who makes admissions decisions for the Chinese Overseas Flagship programs?

The Flagship Project Directors Council reviews the applications, interviews students, and makes acceptance decisions. The Council is comprised of the Chinese Flagship directors at the twelve Chinese Flagship institutions. 

Do I need to major in Chinese to participate in a Chinese Flagship program?

No. The Chinese Flagship programs accept students of all majors.

Does each domestic program include a study abroad component?

Yes. To become Flagship-certified, students must spend one year on the Overseas Capstone program in Nanjing, China or Taipei, Taiwan after reaching the required proficiency in Chinese (Advanced on ACTFL scale or Level 2 or 2+ on ILR scale). Several summer study options are available through American Councils, such as the Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program and the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS).

Is the Chinese Flagship program right for me?

If you are an undergraduate student (or will become one in the fall) with or without a background in Chinese but with an interest in the language and region, you should consider applying for one of the domestic programs! Each program is designed to incorporate students’ majors, allowing students to take some of their core content classes in Chinese.